About Just2Sweat

Humble Beginnings

About Just2Sweat

I love working out. I love moving and staying active, so I decided to start a small bootcamp class in the basement of my house. It started off by simple word of mouth, my neighbours and family members. Shortly after, I got messages on social media from people I’ve never met asking me what my address was.

Did I mention my basement was unfinished? Yes, unfinished as in concrete floors and that pink insulation. When it was warmer outside, we did bootcamp in my backyard, sometimes at a nearby track too.

I decided to step it up and got my basement renovated. Flooring, bathroom, wall mirror, the works. I am so blessed to say that bootcamp classes got so full that I had to open up additional time slots on the same day.

Wow Factor

What makes bootcamp so great? What sets it apart from other bootcamp classes? Easy, it’s me! My classes are set to a maximum number of participants where I can easily see and call you out at any time if I catch you slipping or “taking a break.”

I have that energy that you both hate to see and crave to have. I will get up in your face and sweat right alongside you.

Music in the background always ranges from 80’s pop to 90’s hip hop to the latest hits. You won’t even realize I’ve added a bonus round (Well, you might when your apple watch tells you, you’ve burned 600 calories in 45 minutes).