What my clients are saying...

"Just2Sweat has changed my life dramatically. I am in the best shape of my life."

"She is fantastic. She is very personable. She holds you accountable. She makes you push to sweat."

"These sessions are really true to that name because you will be sweating buckets each and every time, and the convenience of online."

"The intensity, the different options, modified and advanced it’s unbelievable. Nike holds you accountable."

"I’m actually working out a lot more now than when I went to the gym"

"Weight loss and toning, I’m down almost 15lbs since joining her boot camp."

"Love it. The fact that I’m a mom of 2 young kids and I’m able to work out at home 4 days a week as well and not have to run around."

"It has really changed my life. I am going in for the 3rd round of boot camp and I’ve lost about 23lbs"

"Since starting Just2Sweat zoom workouts mid-way through the COVID 19. My blood pressure has gone down, I have more energy and I have reduced my weight. Thank you Nike for your encouragement and guidance to get me where I am now."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the virtual zoom classes and I hope they never end. I am a boot-camper for life. Virtual Just2sweat classes have been a blessing. I am now able to workout more often since I do not have to worry about travel time, traffic, getting dressed and packing a bag. I am able to do what I need to around the house and take a break for class. Having the class virtually makes me feel accountable because I know Nike can see me. Having it virtual also make me feel accountable. If I don’t log on, I will be missed. I have lost weight and inches, and I look forward to the rest of my journey until I reach my goal. I will continue with Just2sweat classes because I am addicted and look forward to the time when I get to workout."  

"My best decision ever to join Just2sweat…Nike is an inspiration, consistent with her motivation and support. Brilliant techniques and challenges you to be the best version of yourself. I look forward to my workouts and I was never one to say that! Thanks for all you do Nike …many blessings."

"I was motivated to join Just2sweat by seeing all the posts on Instagram! I was in a rut with COVID shutting down the country and I was sinking in deeper until I tried a drop-in-class! Then another! Woooh! Adenike! You ROCK!!!!! I was pulled out of my rut! Worked out! Felt great! And just kept going! I will continue to keep working out! I absolutely love the zoom classes and how much she pushes and motivates you even when you don’t want to be pushed. Adenike! You! Are! An! AMAZING WOMAN!"

"I am so glad I joined Just2sweat! I am the type of person that does not workout at home, being a mother of 4 and having them running around, it’s hard. Since I joined, it’s a whole different ball game because the energy/motivation that Nike has is off the roof. You motivated me in so many ways and I want to thank you for that. I remember joining for the first time and I was so tired my face was red; my kids would tell me I looked like a tomato. I feel more flexible, I have more energy and feel stronger. This was my second time around joining in the classes 3 times a week and looking forward to joining more classes. In addition, I would like to say that if anyone is thinking of joining Just2sweat you should not think twice JOIN, you won’t regret it. Nike will make you sweat. Thank you Nike."

"I have been following Just2sweat on Instagram for quite some time now. When the opportunity arose to take her classes online, I jumped on it. Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve been working from home as so many. I needed something to keep me going mentally and physically. And I had doubts I could make it through the 6 weeks. But I’m proud of myself and how far I’ve come. I looked forward to each class, totally madness. Nik motivates you to no end. When you hear her call your name and tell you that you’re doing good, that just gives you the added push to continue on. The #Just2sweatzoomnation is an amazing group, and I look forward to the next 6 weeks. Nike, thank you for sharing your beautiful gift, and being that push that we all need. You are an amazing woman!"

"Nike became my bootcamp trainer about a year ago! It took me a few weeks to get into the rhythm of bootcamp since the intensity was a complete new ball game for me due to my quitting the gym 3 years ago. And when I say gym, it means random visits using the machines and equipment. So joining Just2sweat, hearing Nike’s story and see some of the just2sweat veterans, getting to know their ages and seeing how healthy, fit and energetic they were, I wanted that. I started doing 2 days per week with Nike. I’m a mom of 2 boys who rarely had time for herself so this became my me-time. I would look forward to workout days and actually be motivated to work out because Nike always had a way of making it excitingly challenging. As a result, I dropped dress sizes in months and lost inches round my waist and legs. I even wore swimsuits for the first time this year on our family vacation and felt so comfortable in my body. My body feels refined. My energy and strength levels have risen that I could keep up with the boys! Thank you Nike!! You have been such a blessing in my life"

"Nike is the most inspirational and creative instructor there is. She uses the most random items and turns them into a workout equipment or accessory. I love Nike’s passion and drive to be innovative to the point where every session is different. Every session is Just 2 Sweat! I love how engaging she is with us. I love that she knows each of our names and keeps us accountable during workouts by ”yelling” and encouraging us to keep going! I love that Nike has created a community of support amongst the women via her WhatsApp chat. I can’t express enough how amazing this year has been working out with the ladies and Nike. I told Nike that she has a forever client for as long as she’ll be my instructor! Thank you Nike and Just2sweat for keeping me looking and feeling great!"